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Office hours: Sunday 11:30-14:30, Monday-Thursday 10:00-13:00

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Prof. Yemima Ben Mechanem

Levy building 323 (Givaat Ram campus)


I work in the philosophy of science, in particular the philosophy of modern physics. I have also written on the philosophy of history, American pragmatism, and a number of scientists and philosophers such as Newton, Poincare, Einstein, Schrödinger, Quine, Putnam, Foucault.

Two subjects, truth and causation, have been at the center of my philosophical concern. Interest in the possibility of objective truth led me to investigate the realist position and its alternatives, for example, the conventionalist position, to which I devoted my 2006 Conventionalism (Cambridge University Press). My current project, Causation in Science (forthcoming with Princeton University Press) examines the family of causal notions employed in science: determinism, locality, stability, symmetries, conservation laws, and variation principles. The proposed analysis of causation reflects on related issues, such as explanation, reduction and freedom.