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Prof. Otniel Dror

Joel Wilbush Chair in Medical Anthropology
Humanities 5510 (Mt. Scopus)

Prof. Dror holds an MD and a Ph D in history, and is a member of the Section for the History of Medicine in the Medical Faculty of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specializes in the history of the modern life sciences and medicine in the West. His most recent project studied the history of the scientific study of emotions during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century. His manuscript, Blush, Flush, Adrenalin: Science, Modernity and Paradigms of Emotions, 1850-1940 is under revision for the University of Chicago Press. His new research project is on the history of the scientific-“neuro” study of “pleasure,” “reward,” and “affective neuroscience” during the post-Second World War period. He teaches and advises students in the faculty of medicine, the faculty of the humanities, and in the veterinary medical school.

His publications include:

Esther Cohen, Leona Toker, Manuela Consonni, Otniel E. Dror (eds.), Knowledge and Pain (Brill, 2012)


Otniel E. Dror, Bettina Hitzer, Anja Laukötter, and Pilar Léon-Sanz (eds.), History of Science and the Emotions  Osiris, Vol. 31 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016).

And articles in Isis, Emotion Review, Social Research, Science in Context, and Configurations (among others).