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Prof. Otniel Dror

Joel Wilbush Chair in Medical Anthropology
Humanities 5510 (Mt. Scopus)

Prof. Dror holds an MD and a Ph D in history, and is a member of the Section for the History of Medicine in the Medical Faculty of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specializes in the history of the modern life sciences and medicine in the West. His most recent project studied the history of the scientific study of emotions during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century.


Dr. Reimund Leicht

Head of the program
Ethel Backenroth Senior Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Studies
Rabin Building Roon 1208 (Mt. Scopus)

My fields of specializaton are the history of science in antiquity and the Middle ages in Jewish, Arab-Muslim and Latin cultures, and the intellectual exchange between them; Jewish Thought in the Middle ages; Christian Kabbalah (Johannes Reuchlin).


Dr. Arnon Levy

Humanities 5512 (Mt. Scopus)

I work in the philosophy of science and biology. My research focuses on understanding and scientific explanation in the life sciences, especially in connection with modeling, idealization and abstraction. I'm also interested in connections between biology (especially evolutionary theory and neuroscience), social behavior and morality.


Prof. Orly Shenker

Eleanor Roosevelt Chair in History and Philosophy of Science
Edelstein Center, Levy Building (Givaat Ram campus)

My active research is in two fields. One is the foundations of physics, with special interest in statistical mechanics and in the explanation of the time directedness of processes, in the framework of both classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. Most of my publications are in this field, including my book (with Meir Hemmo) The Road to Maxwell's Demon (Cambridge University Press 2012), which offers a new conceptual foundation for statistical mechanics.