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Academic secretary: The Humanitaries building, Room 4606

Office hours: Sunday 11:30-14:30, Monday-Thursday 10:00-13:00

Phone: 02-5883759


PhD program


Studying for a PhD

The program offers PhD students a range of specializations: philosophy of physics, including the philosophy of quantum theory and statistical mechanics. Philosophy of biology, including connections between the life sciences and society. Metaphysics and epistemology of science; history of science across all periods; history and philosophy of medicine. To this end, the program boasts extensive research resources and a diverse set of potential mentors. 

The program is well-known internationally and enjoys research and pedagogical connections with various institutions and individuals from around the world. Visitors, junior and senior, give talks at the inter-departmental seminar, and some spend longer periods at the Hebrew University. Visitors are encouraged to interact with students, and students are also welcome to take part in reading groups and other activities held at the Edelstein Center.

The Interuniversity program for the history and philosophy of the life sciences was launched in 2016-17. It is run in collaboration with Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University and provides full funding for select PhD students. The program is funded by the Council for Higher Learning’s Humanities Fund. For further details please contact Dr. Arnon Levy.


Awards and Fellowships

The Bar Hillel prize

The Bar Hillel fund and the program award an annual prize for excellence in the study of the history and philosophy of science.


Fellowships granted by the Edelstein Center

The Edelstein Center awards fellowships and grants to MA and PhD students. A call for applicants is distributed every fall, and appears on the Center’s website. Details can also be obtained at the program’s administrative office.


Research Resources

The program draws on extensive research resources at the Hebrew University and in affiliated institutions, including:

  1. The Edelstein Center library for Research in the history and Philosophy of Science.
  2. Hebrew University Libraries
  3. The National Library
  4. The Einstein Archive at the National Library
  5. The Newton Collection at the National Library
  6. The National Library’s manuscript Collection



To enroll in the program please visit: