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Division for BA students

Division for BA students in the Humanities

The goal of the division is to expand the horizons and imaginations of students from all areas, and to help them think critically about science and its history. The division’s courses have been offered on the Mt. Scopus campus for several years now and attendance is high. In recent years we have begun to offer courses on the Safra Campus and these have become increasingly popular.

Students who enroll in the division are required to take 16-20 credits. Courses pertain to three central subjects: introductions to different areas of science; history and sociology of science; and philosophy of science. These courses are given by the program’s faculty and by relevant faculty in other departments.



Division for BA students in the sciences  

A distinct division, geared at science students, offers a variety of courses dealing with foundational issues in the various sciences, history of various branches of science, and connections between science and social and cultural topics. Among these are courses on evolution and society, time in modern physics, the scientific revolution and others topics.

Students enrolled in this division are required to take three courses – history of ancient science, history of medieval science and introduction to philosophy of science – as well as other courses, totaling 32 credits.